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FundMe247 brings you the best of both worlds, the freedom of legal crowdfunding to freely make and receive contributions to any crowdfunding campaign you choose and the association with a legally registered Cooperative Association business model where the Members work together for mutual success and the best part is the Members (YOU) OWN the Co-op!

Crowdfunding is essentially the opposite of the mainstream approach to financing a project or business venture through a bank or investors. The Crowdfunding approach allows you to fund a project or venture by raising the amount of capital you need no matter how large by receiving small amounts of money from a large number of people (a Crowd), through voluntary contributions.

To be an active Contributor of FundMe247, you simply pay your Platform Fee of $29, which is once per quarter (90-Day Cycle). However, only your first quarterly Membership Fee of $29 will come from your pocket. From that point forward, your Platform Fees of $29, due every quarter, will come from your received contributions and not from your pocket.

Our crowdfunding platform is so unique that the peer-to-peer contributions are 100% automatically made and distributed. In fact, everything is completely automated. Through automation, the Co-op ensures that all contributions are immediately distributed equally between two qualifying Contributors. The Co-op manages the platform but does not take any part of the Member contributions.

The success of our Members is based on the amount they contribute, in dollars, to their peers and on their efforts to help promote the growth of the Cooperative, itself. This next few points are HUGE! We have 2 Crowdfunding Plans. Each are a one-time out of pocket $29 USD. You really should do both fot a one-time $58 USD. To help our Members get started, the Co-op will give you a patronage refund of $25 USD of your FundMe Plan's first $29 USD quarterly Platform Fee in order to help you start with your first Tier 1 contributions. This automatically qualifies you as a Silver Contributor, immediately! All subsequent Platform Fees will only come from your received contributions and will be used by the Platform Company for operating expenses.

Yes, we all have the need for money for something. This is a crowdfunding platform designed to help you raise the funds you need for your project by creating a crowdfunding campaign. The really great thing is that the funding machine we have created allows for you to finish one project campaign and transition to a new one without the need to start all over building a new crowd from scratch. FundMe247 has made it extremely easy for you with “Idea Launcher” to create your project! However, using that same tool we have taken it even further to make this platform easier for you, we have created a group of generic projects which have mass appeal. One of them may be perfect for you.

Absolutely Not, Pyramids are illegal.

We have a registered co-operative - meaning each paying member is also a member / owner.

There is no function that allows anyone to deposit funds into their Wallet. Funds can be transfered from another Member’s Wallet to yours. If you want to upgrade you must use received contributions or transferred funds that are already in your Wallet. Remember, the option auto-upgrade will use the funds available in your Wallet, as well.

It is on your Dashboard at the very top of the page.

You can find a switch on your Dashboard as a BIG button near the top and middle of the page to toggle on or off, as you wish.

If you forget your password, just click on forgot password box at the bottom of the Login box. You will be asked to enter the same e-mail address that is in your Profile. We will send you an e-mail with the password reset instructions. Make sure to check your Junk and Spam folders if you do not see our e-mail.

No, each Membership subscription is for one person only. If you share your username and password you are responsible for any losses of contents in your wallet and could be in violation of our Terms and your Membership could be terminated. There is an exception for family Members.

Enroll at least 2 Silver Contributors. A Member may not make a deposit into their Wallet, therefore the funds needed to advance must come from received Contributions.

Yes we are. Collaborate CoOp was registered in Minnesota, USA on October 30, 2014. On September 27, 2017 Mark T. Stevens was made the cooperative's President. Because everything else is outside the USA, we are  currently working on the long and tedious process of creating a new cooperative in Europe.

Cancelation Policy:
Since we do not keep your debit/credit card information on file, the subscriptions for the Platforms FundMe and FundMe to Infinity are a one-time payment only. The best way to cancel is to just let your subscription lapse by turning off Locked Funds. This will result in your subscription expiring and you will not receive future contributions from the community unless you renew your subscription. If you want a refund for any reason you need to let us know within 90 days. Refunds will result in a permanent termination. Finally, if you have received more in contributions than the cost of your platform fees, then no refund will be considered as you have received a greater amount than what you paid in.