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The Second Frontier Of Raising Funds


YES You Can!

We want you to make the most of your time with FundMe247. The question is; Do you want to just make contributions on my two levels with the FundMe Plan. Or does it make more sense to have the opportunity to earn contributions to Infinity?

Watch the short video above showing how the FundMe and
FundMe To Infinity Plan work together allowing you to not
just earn on 2 levels but earn a 20% to 40% match on personals coded contributions in real time.


Yes, It Is Also Automated

Our system is automated for both the FundMe and FundMe to Infinity Plans. All you need to do is choose to partake in the Infinity Plan and enroll into both platforms for just $58 USD one-time out of pocket.

Even though you are now paying out of your received contributions for 2 separate FundMe Platforms the way they were designed to work together to achieve your funding goals faster is quite exciting.


Start By Sharing Your Website

The goal is to move up the 5 tiered FundMe Plan. In order to do this you need to enroll 2 personal Silvers. That is almost too simple, but it makes you eligible to upgrade from tier to tier as you grow. The Infinity Plan also works great by just enrolling 2 personals at the $58 USD Level. What this does is pay for your FundMe and FundMe to Infinity Platform fees automatically from your received contributions.


You Were Told, “Yes You Can” and You Did

Start by just getting two Infinity members! Continually pay for all platform fees just by getting two.

Infinity Contribution: $43 USD - $29 USD = $14 USD (in wallet)
FundMe Contribution: $12.50 USD X 2 = $25 USD (in wallet)
Infinity Contribution 3 cycles: $14 X 3 = $42 USD (in wallet)

By just getting two Infinity members at $58 USD you will pay
for each monthly cycle with $14 USD left over which after 3
cycles (months) is still $13 USD more than the cost of the
monthly platform.


Real Time FundMe And FundMe To Infinity Contributions

Just like our name FundMe 247, not only do we fund you, and are global in scope. Our comp plans info is built right into our name. The 2 relates to the 2 by 2 cycler of the FundMe Plan plus if you share the $58 USD Infinity Platform with 2 it will fund all the platform fees from contributions. The 4 and 7 represent the Infinity 20% and 40% matching coded portions of the plan.


Earn To Infinity!

Infinity Contributions with 20% to 40% matching on coded bonuses. Simply create a culture to first get 2 Infinity so your fees are always paid for through your contributions. Second develop your teams mindset and help them get at least 4 personals each.

This will allow any person with 4 enrollees to earn 20% to Infinity on their personals coded bonuses. If you up the ante again and continue to teach and support excellence your team will reach for the 40% matching contribution to allow them to earn even greater contributions for their funding projects.


How Much Can You Raise With Both Platforms?

We do not know, but what we do know is that it is
much simpler to raise funds for your projects with
FundMe247. For this much Infinite potential you
pay a one-time $58 USD fee. It all begins with your
willingness to share.